Your Success is Our Goal

Customer Success

Higher productivity. More efficiency. Increased profits.

These are just some of the benefits AdTech customers experience after coming to us with industrial glue requirements for specialty applications. We solve specialty adhesive challenges with a combination of adhesive science and application technology. Most of all, with AdTech you get more than a supplier of industrial glue. You get a trusted partner.

“The seals on our bags were failing because dust was preventing a proper thermal seal. AdTech’s in-house lab team analyzed the specific material, environmental conditions, and bond strength requirements. Within days, they not only matched the right industrial glue to our application, but also helped us develop a technique for sealing our product with less mess at the point of sale. As a result, we reduced the volume of returned product, leading to increased profit.”

“We experienced issues sealing the corrugated plastic boxes we use to pack our products for shipment and we needed an effective solution fast. Thousands of pounds of asparagus had just been harvested and we risked losing the crop because we had no way to ship it. We went to AdTech and within 24 hours their technical people matched the right hot melt adhesive to the job, and the crop was saved.”

“Waiting for the glue to dry was eating up 80% of our assembly time, and we needed a hot melt glue solution that would help us gain more efficiency. AdTech came in and analyzed the materials we use and our assembly processes. In just a few days they came up with a custom hot melt adhesive that reduced clamping time, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.”